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Wednesday May 8, 2019 McPhee Release Update



Today’s message is largely unchanged from the last update. McPhee continues to rise rapidly. Inflows have slowed some with the low snow running out, but the reservoir elevation continues to increase by about a foot per day. Current near-term weather forecasts have a low pressure system settling over southwest Colorado through the coming week, and the cooler weather may slow down inflows more, increasing uncertainty in the forecast.

McPhee should still be approaching full the week before Memorial Day, which likely will start the 2019 “spill” (managed release).
Managers are monitoring weather conditions and are in regular communication with the CBRFC. The next website update will be early next week. After that, plan on regular updates on Mondays and Thursdays, as well as with any significant changes.

For planning purposes at this stage, the spill looks to last 3 -4 weeks, though the length and volume of the spill remain unknown.  Although the start may vary by a few days, the first half of the spill is still more certain than the second.