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Watercraft Exempt from Mandatory Inspections 


What Watercraft are Exempt from Mandatory Inspections?
The following nine watercraft are exempt from mandatory inspection as defined by CPW.
These are the only watercraft in Colorado that are exempt from the mandatory inspection law and
regulations. All others must be inspected.

1. Kayak
2. Canoe
3. Raft
4. Belly Boat
5. Windsurfer Board
6. Sailboard
7. Float Tubes
8. Inner Tubes
9. Paddle Boards

Marine propulsion systems that are gasoline or diesel powered must be inspected, regardless of the
watercraft type. They are NOT exempt. Electric motors must be inspected when they are not on an
exempt watercraft.
Any trailer that goes into the water must be inspected. Trailers are only exempt when they do not
enter water and the watercraft on top of the trailer is one of the exempt hand‐launched watercraft
listed above.
What are the reasons for exempting the above 9 types of watercraft from inspection?

1. Hand‐launched
2. Typically do not have a marine propulsion system
3. Typically do not have interior water holding compartments
4. Typically do not stay on the water long = short exposure time
5. Typically do not stay still on the water = short exposure time
6. Typically do not anchor or make contact with lake or reservoir bottom
7. Typically fully dried out before putting in a car or on top of a car for transport.
8. Provides a low‐risk access option for boaters and anglers when inspections aren’t present and
boat ramps are closed.