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McPhee Release Update for Tuesday May 28, 2019 


The Memorial Day weekend release of 1,200 CFS ended this morning, and flows have ramped down to 800 CFS for scheduled CPW fish surveys in Slickrock Canyon. Flows will remain at 800 CFS through noon on Thursday May 30th, when releases will begin to ramp down at the standard rate of 100 CFS per day. These reduced releases are planned in order to allow McPhee to fill, which is in reaction to the recent low inflows that have not been high enough to both release downstream and fill the reservoir. While releases from McPhee are expected to increase again in early June, the specific timing is still being worked on. Since Thursday’s post, the weather forecasts are now suggesting that regional temperatures will rise to near-normal levels by next week. This break in the cold weather pattern means that inflows should get back on track. As a result, mangers are currently anticipating there will be raftable releases for the weekend of June 8th and 9th.

While inflows are expected to turn up, the current scheduled low flows after May 30th will go on as planned. This is both so the reservoir can continue filling and so that recreationalists who intend to ride those lower flows in smaller craft can continue with their plans.

As always, managers will continue to monitor conditions and will post updates to provide as much notice as possible. Expect another post with more information either tomorrow or Thursday.