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McPhee Release Update for Tuesday June 27, 2023

McPhee is currently releasing 650 CFS downstream. Releases are currently fluctuating as needed to maintain the reservoir’s water surface elevation at full and will vary throughout the day. Due to inconsistencies in the inflows reported at the Dolores gauge, it has become impractical to operate releases to closely mimic daily inflow fluctuations as planned last week, though releases are expected to vary similarly.

Based on the current forecast, downstream releases are expected to be about 100-400 CFS on average through Friday, June 30th, with diurnal changes above and below that range. On Saturday, July 1st, releases are expected to reach the planned base flow of 75 CFS, and this managed release will be finished.

It is possible for the end of the spill to vary by a day or so either way. Particularly at the end of the spill, releases below McPhee can change at any time.

American Whitewater has asked us to post a link to their online rafter survey at

For more details on the current official forecast, go to

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