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McPhee Release Update for Friday May 12, 2023



Notice: Starting at 09:30 AM today, releases from McPhee began ramping up from 3,400 CFS to 4,000 CFS, which releases should reach by 4:00 PM today. Flows should remain at 4,000 CFS until Tuesday, May 16th when we’ll provide further updates.


This increase in releases is intended to create more storage in the reservoir in anticipation of a possible spike in runoff over the next few days resulting from rainfall onto the snowpack. Rainfall can accelerate the snowmelt unpredictably, and the active weather pattern over the upper Dolores basin through the next week has a strong likelihood of rain at higher elevations where the majority of the snowpack remains.


We will continue to monitor conditions and will update this page as the spill progresses.


The following is a message from Dolores River Boating Advocates:

As releases from McPhee exceed 3,000 cfs, the water becomes swift with limited eddys. It is important to be aware of your location on the river, especially if navigating through Snaggletooth or the rapids below Gateway. Camps will become inundated in some cases, and in others hard to catch or overgrown.

Potential hazards include bridges (notably a county road bridge below the Slick Rock takeout, a country road bridge a few miles below the Big Gypsum boat ramp, and the highway 141 bridge in Gateway.) Additionally, as the river rises, logs and wood will become mobilized and possibly create strainers and hazards. Further, in some areas, the channel may be braided, and it is important to be alert and aware of various options.

As flows increase or decrease, be sure to be aware of fluctuations and tie your boats up appropriately. Always bring necessary safety gear, and required equipment including a groover and firepan.

For more details on the current official forecast, go to


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