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2017 McPhee Release Update


Friday June 9, 2017:  Surprise! McPhee inflows rose last night thru early this morning and peaked back near 2,800 CFS.  Therefore downstream releases are up to 1,600 CFS and will sustain for 24 hours at least, ranging between 1,800 down to 1,200 CFS for a few days.  The encore rafting will extend into Tuesday June 13. 

Dropping downstream releases will re-start when the upper Dolores start dropping again, probably when cooler temperatures actually settle in Sunday- Monday time frame.  We continue to make daily adjustments to downstream releases, but the releases will not drop below 800 CFS until Tuesday June 13 at the earliest.  To meet both diversions and rafting flows requires daily average inflows of approximately 1,700 CFS that will last into Tuesday at a minimum.

 Help Guide the Future

As you finish your raft trip, please take some time to complete the American Whitewater survey at:

The survey responses will inform and help shape future managed release planning efforts.

We will continue daily updates to confirm the forecast and extend boating days as they become apparent.  When the inflows basically equal outflows we will start the ramp down (1,700 CFS inflow daily average).  Ramp down below 800 CFS will extend over 6 days (Daily Avg. releases of 700 CFS, 600 CFS, 500 CFS, 400 CFS, 300 CFS, 200 CFS) allowing those on the water some time to land.

 Current Notices:

Call 970-882-2164 Extension 5, 1 or 6 if you have questions.

SLICKROCK:  Continue to monitor DRBA for latest on Slickrock. Slickrock put-in/take-out access will happen on private property downstream of Hwy 141 bridge (bridge crosses Dolores River) about 200 yards past bridge on river left.  Look for small flagging in bushes on left.  DO NOT use the old boat ramp on river right upstream of bridge.  That is private property and is not accessible this season.  Additional info about Slickrock access and other information here from Dolores River Boating Advocates:

BEDROCK BRIDGE:  CDOT updates at .

American Whitewater also provides good information about this year’s rafting opportunities and details for boaters at

DOVE CREEK PUMPHOUSE ROAD:  Please be careful of heavy traffic in and out of the Dove Creek Pumps launch site.  The road narrows and trucks with trailers cannot pass each other at certain points.  Consideration of others and patience are appreciated here.

Dolores Gage:

McPhee Elevation & Capacity:

Dolores below McPhee:

Slickrock Gage:

Bedrock Gage: