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2017 McPhee Release Update


Lower Dolores River

2017 Post Release

Presentation and Discussion

Wednesday, August 16th

Dolores Community Center

6 – 8 PM

Monday July 17, 2017:  As of today, releases below McPhee are at 78 CFS. Releases will remain around 78 CFS until mid September when they will drop to 40 CFS and hold there through the winter. Flows will rise again to 50 CFS in March.


Help Guide the Future

The survey remains open for awhile to provide feedback on your boating experience.  Please take some time to complete the American Whitewater survey at:

The survey responses will inform and help shape future managed release planning efforts.

Current Notices:

Call 970-882-2164 Extension 5, 1 or 6 if you have questions.

Dolores River Boating Advocates:

American Whitewater:

Dolores Gage:

McPhee Elevation & Capacity:

Dolores below McPhee:

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Bedrock Gage: